Tag N' Brag Launches New Apparel Line

Tag N' Brag Launches New Apparel Line

Tag N' Brag Nation,

We are excited to announce that we are launching our brand new apparel line that will be just for you!  Tag N' Brag Apparel will be based around the philosophy that we need to bring the outdoor industry back together as one.  We need to solidify the brotherhood that is so important within hunting and fishing.

As fellow ambassadors of this great industry, we are tired of seeing the ridicule toward hunters and fishermen on social media, the judgement of others within this industry, and the lack of support that we as outdoorsmen and women need to keep the sports of hunting and fishing alive.  This is a crucial time for us to come together as one and support each other. 

So, thats what this is all about.  We have created an apparel line that will be motivating, inspiring, funny, but most of all it will make you proud to rock your favorite hunting and fishing gear.  

Given that we are smack dab in the middle of turkey season, our first few shirts are designed and created for the turkey hunting enthusiast.  They will only be on sale for a limited time so make sure you pick one (or both) of them up for you or your favorite turkey hunting buddy today.   

We are extremely excited and hope you will find a shirt or 6 from the Tag N' Brag Apparel line that will fit well in your wardrobe.  


-Team Tag N' Brag

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